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Lexus Repair Garden Grove

For Lexus repair in Garden Grove, let Elite Car Care keep your Lexus running like new. Lexus owners are encouraged by the manufacturer to follow a maintenance schedule – from the premium plan that checks 21 items and replaces 6 parts every 3,750 miles to the schedule 2 plan which checks and replaces fewer items every 7500 miles. At a minimum, you should be getting an inspection every 7500 miles on your Lexus.

For a fraction of the price a dealer charges, Elite Car Care checks most of the items listed on the premium schedule. If we find something you should know about, not only do we tell you, but we include it in our estimates and invoices as well. Give us a call at 949-829-4252.
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Lexus Brake Repair Garden Grove

Garden Grove residents should feel comfortable that if we recommend Lexus brake repair, your Lexus needs it. If you can wait a while we will let you know that as well – and in writing. Give us a call and let us provide you with excellent Lexus brake repair service.Part of the regular maintenance schedule is to check how the brakes are wearing, how much life is left in the pads and if there any obvious issues with the braking systems. For safety reasons, Elite Car Care checks brakes on every service ticket, including Chevrolets.

Lexus RX Repair Garden Grove

Lexus RX repairs in Garden Grove are handled with care and experience by the expert techs at Elite Car Care. While the Lexus RX is a beautiful car, there are a number of issues that require the owner to maintain and repair before they turn into expensive repairs. Oil should be changed every 3000 miles, debris can build up in the Idle Air Control Valve causing the car to stall at stops. We are aware of these and many other little “gotchas” that proper preventative maintenance can help you avoid a costly repair. Our experience also helps you save money on other Lexus models as well – ask us what we know about your model Volkswagen – it may be a surprise. Give us a call – 949-829-4252.

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